Survival in Hospital Cardiac Arrest – Challenges for Hospitalists

9 years ago Bernard W Freedman, JD, MPH 0
The September 2010 publication of “The Hospitalist” reviews the overall survival rates for cardiac arrest patients. This article reports that patients frequently have unrealistic expectations and overestimate their chances of survival. Patients predict post-arrest CPR survival at 64%, while the rate is 17%. Most important is that in nearly half of the patients who initially expressed Read More

Terminal Extubation: Discussion and Protocol By Bernard Freedman, Bioethicist

10 years ago Bernard W Freedman, JD, MPH 0
  Transparency: The salient ethical, moral and principle necessity to terminal extubation is the transparency of the conduct of all physicians and medical staff, and fundamental understanding by the patient family and or friends as to why it is being done and how it is being done. It is therefore the obligation of the primary Read More