Can late stage abortions be murder ?

7 years ago Bernard W Freedman, JD, MPH 0
  Dr. Nicola Riley is being held without bail in Utah following her arrest on December 28. 2011. She worked for Dr. Steven Brigham in New Jersey, who owns abortion clinics.   Both of them have been charged with the crime of murder for performing late-term abortions in Maryland. Their apparent modus operandi was to “start” Read More

Genetic Bastards: The Moral Status and Human Worth of Persons Born By In-Vitro Fertilization

10 years ago Bernard W Freedman, JD, MPH 0
The Vatican and the 2004 President’s Council On Bioethics establishes a second class group of persons who they deem less worthy of dignity and respect. On September 8, 2008, the Vatican issued a new statement on bioethics entitled “Dignitas Personae on certain bioethical questions.”  The Vatican’s paper updates church doctrine regarding the ethics and morality Read More